Intellectual Property / Data Protection:

Our specialized IP team has long standing experience in this area of practice, being selected as one of the most reliable professional source to protect Intellectual Property Rights.

Our service ensures the continuity of our clients' business in compliance with the regulations applicable to the treatment and protection of personal data. We advise on the implementation of administrative, technical and organizational measures required for the businesses sustainability and growth within the information economy and we provide continuing training on the opportunities and challenges that arise under the regulations of personal data protection.

Our legal services include the following:

  • Comprehensive service for the protection and effective defense of intellectual property.
  • Personalized advice to adjust the appropriate protection for our clients according to their business.
  • Advice on trademark law and distinctive signs, invention patent law, industrial designs, utility models, copyright.
  • Advice on the protection of test data and confidential information.
  • Advice on the use of distinctive signs to avoid loss of registration due to lack of use, review and preparation of agreements that include licenses and/or the acquisition of distinctive signs.
  • Administrative and judicial defense of intellectual property rights against infringement, including unfair competition, piracy, or smuggling.
  • Preparation of informed consent forms and contractual provisions.
  • Record of activities (RAT) and activities inventory.
  • Revisión y presentación de formularios para ejercicio de derechos de los interesados.
  • Elaboración de procedimiento para atención de derecho.
  • Formación y capacitación en la protección de datos personales.
  • Preparation of security policies and internal regulations of security measures.
  • Software and services contractual drafting.
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