May 2014. The Coming Massive Use of the Digital Signature in the Costa Rican Public Sector


The Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC) recently issued its Directive No. 067-MICITT-H-MEIC, with the title “Massive Implementation and Use of the Digital Signature in the Costa Rican Public Sector.” The intent of this act is to foster and seek equality in access through electronic media to all services offered through physical means in public sector entities. This includes the use of certified digital signature by individuals for general handling of processes in these entities.  


Apr 2014. New legal framework to conduct clinical research in Costa Rica


Last April 8th, our Congress (Legislative Assembly) approved on second debate the Bill of Law # 17,777 governing Clinical Research in Costa Rica. Hence, the new Law is ready for enactment by the Executive Branch (i.e. President of the Country and Minister of Health). Hopefully this will take place within the next few weeks. 


Apr 2014. Arbitration regarding Telecommunications Contracts (CICA Forum)

Soley Saborío & Asociados Law Firm, represented by our associate lawyer Erick Jiménez G., recently participated at a forum on arbitration in the telecommunications market, organized by the International Center for Conciliation and Arbitration of AMCHAM (Costa Rican – American Chamber of Commerce) on the subject of Arbitration regarding Telecommunications Contracts.


March 2014. Updating the economic limits of Government Contracting and Procurement.

On last February 26th, La Gaceta issue #40 published the resolution R-DC-18-2014 from the General Comptroller of the Republic which dictates the limits of administrative procurement procedures for the purchase of goods and services required by any agency of the Costa Rican government. The financial limits are set as assign by the articles 27 and 84 of the Public Procurement Act. When the law does not provide, the article 27 indicates guidelines by which the procedure is determined by the type of contract and the authorized budget. The article 84 establishes the rules for bringing an appeal against the act of awarding. Due to both these articles, the coverage of the resource and the competent board are determined, that is to say the quantum in order to appeal the act of awarding. This update does not apply to contracts that are pending for an endorsement from the General Comptroller Office or of internal authorization, as applicable, to the date of entry into force of the Resolution. For institutions whose budgets are not included on the original chart published will use as reference the economic limits valid to the subsection j) of articles 27 and 84 of the Public Procurement Act and its reforms. The decentralized agencies with instrumental legal personality, whose budgets are not included, will be governed by the budget of the entity to which they are assigned.


Feb 2014. Contribution for Telecoms & Media chapter for Costa Rica

We are pleased to share with you that Soley Saborío & Asociados actively contributed as author of the Telecoms & Media chapter for Costa Rica in the latest edition of Latin Lawyer Reference. The chapter consists of 38 questions concerning key legal and regulatory aspects regarding Costa Rica’s Telecoms market, and their respective answers as provided by our Firm. The questionnaire addresses various interesting topics and present-day issues, such as: dispute resolution, radio-electric spectrum, competition and merger control, access and interconnection, licensing and authorization regime, number portability, among many others. The Latin Lawyer Reference chapter to which Soley Saborío & Asociados contributed can be accessed through the following link: http://latinlawyer.com/reference/topics/58/jurisdictions/9/costa-rica

Dec 2013. New Rules for Competition

With the enactment of the reform to the Law for the Promotion of Competition and Effective Consumer Defense (Law Nº 7472 of December 20, 1994), new business behaviors have been established in Costa Rica that will be inspected by the competent authorities.