March 2015. Updating the economic limits of Government Contracting and Procurement.

This update does not apply to contracts that are pending for an endorsement or of internal authorization, as applicable, to the date of entry into force of the Resolution.

For institutions whose budgets are not included on the original chart published will use as reference the economic limits valid to the subsection j) of articles 27 and 84 of the Public Procurement Act and its reforms. The decentralized agencies with instrumental legal personality, whose budgets are not included, will be governed by the budget of the entity to which they are assigned.

In addition, on  February 13 of 2014, via the aforementioned daily, the decree N° 38153 – COMEX was published, by which the economic thresholds are enacted in accordance with the provisions of the Free Trade Agreement Dominican Republic-Central America-United States.

In accordance with the aforesaid Decree, the "Threshold Adjustment Formula" in Annex 9.1.2. (b) (i), of Chapter Nine about “Public Procurement” of the Free Trade Agreement, establishes that the thresholds should be adjusted at two-year intervals, taking effect on the first of January each year.  So that for the current year, the economic limits published last year will remain the same.

About the attached tables below, the update is for all strata set out in Articles 27 and 84 of the Public Procurement Act, however the tables shown concern the relevant economic limits to national authorities larger budgets for the acquisition of goods and services in the Costa Rican State. Subsequently, the table that corresponds to the settings of economic thresholds set by the CAFTA.



Limits of administrative procurement applicable to ICE

Economic Thresholds according to the CAFTA for Public Procurement 

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